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Headquartered at Kolkata, Karuna is a brand known for its flexibility and fast response. Having started its operations in 1995 with a major focus on distribution of Mobiles, Karuna has grown adding value year after year.

In distribution, we offer our supply and business customers class leading service. For vendors this means routes to market and innovate distribution strategies. Key to our healthy bottom line and ROE is a sound vendor relationship based on precise demand forecasts coupled with an efficient inventory management system. Adding to this endeavour is a highly motivated sales team, which is incentivised on gross margins. A strong management team, robust and automated order processing systems, professional business development team supported by a dedicated execution team makes Karuna a Distributor of Choice to vendors.

On the other side, Karuna Financial with a strong infrastructure & experienced team, has steadily shaped into a leading financial service provider in it’s more than a decade of existence. Adapting itself quickly to the changing times & financial markets across the globe, Karuna is in a position to provide the much needed expertise that every client looks for in stock trading & financial planning.

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