Employee Engagement Initiative

The engaged employee feels not only aligned through his or her position and salary, but also with the company’s way of thinking and acting. This behavioral convergence makes him or her accelerate business performance by transcending the job description and going beyond what is expected or requested. With this, the individual tends to behave proactively and positively.So at Karuna we always believe in connecting our employees not only emotionally but also intellectually with the enhanced level of bonding.

Performance Management

Your progress is important not just for you but also for the overall organizational progress. At Karuna we believe that the right talent, if recognized at the right time, can help build the organization to greater levels. That is why we invest time and effort in supporting you to perform well and from time to time ensure that we give you feedback on your performance levels. 

Equal balance of engagement with performance orientation

We endeavour to build a workplace where each individual is able to reach his or her full potential. To this end we create opportunities for intellectual engagement and professional development in an atmosphere where you are free to operate, express and learn. It is a place where one can contribute, innovate, work and grow with other intelligent and motivated team members. In this period of unprecedented growth for the company, we at Karuna offer an exciting and challenging work environment. We are leaders in our field of work, continually aspiring to climb higher on the ladder of success. You'll find, working at Karuna is much more than just a job - it is an opportunity to excel. Karuna offers an opportunity to young talent which is evident by the fact that the average age of the employees fall in between 30-33 years. Karuna always believes in infusing young blood in the system so as to have fresh ideas and enhanced work culture with a blend of old and new ideas on the same platform.

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